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Goruck GR1 Backpack 26L volume. Minimalist. Versatile.
Packing Cubes Travel organizers with laundry bag.
LifeStraw Personal water filter.
Platypus PlusBottle 80% lighter and more compact than an empty hard bottle of equal volume.
Medical Kit Medical supplies you need when traveling to remote locations.
Earplugs Expect approximately 20 dB of sound isolation.
Journal Capture thoughts, quick notes or anything that inspires you.
Mobile WiFi Internet everywhere.
Carabiner Protect your backpack.
Spork In case you need a spoon or a fork.
Headphones Lightweight on-ear headphones.
Ethernet Adapter Connect your computer to an Ethernet network.
Roost Laptop Stand Free yourself from laptop neck pain.
External Hard Drive A 2TB Samsung external hard drive.
Universal Travel Adapter Small power plug adapter.
Kindle Bring with you a ton of books.
Mophie Powerstation XL A 12000 mAh external battery.
Sea to Summit DryLite Towel Fast drying towel.